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Paper Testing Instruments

Are you looking for paper testing instruments? At Premier International you will get the best quality equipment at an affordable price. Our products are manufactured in our company under the supervision of experienced professionals and experts who have been in this industry for quite a long time. We use modern technology and good quality raw materials that are tested and approved by experts.

We provide our customers and clients with different offers. Today we stand as one of the best paper testing instrument suppliers India, due to the following reasons.


We ensure that the low overhead costs lead to a better cost-benefit to the end-user.

Adaptability And Expertize

We have been in this industry since 2007. Our experience and adaptability to modern and new technologies make us the best manufacturing company today.

Amazing Team

We have amazing team members with great coordination, knowledge, and experience.

Customer Support

Our employees and executives are always there to help and guide you. You can call us at any time of the day and get solutions to your problems.

Enjoy our offers and services and get our products at an affordable price range.


  • Quadrant Scale

    Quadrant Scale

    The quadrant scale determines the weight of any product with the use of another weight as the basis of weight determination. It works with the constant weight that is attached to the lever and then deflects out a resting position during the

  • Digital Grammage Scale

    Digital Grammage Scale

    Digital Grammage Scale of superior quality is available from us. The Digital Grammage Scale is used for measuring the basis weight GSM of paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small test sample with given dimensions. The GSM of the
  • Circular Cutter

    Circular Cutter

    Avail the superior quality Circular Cutter from us. The Circular Cutter is used for cutting out circular sample of paper, board and similar materials. The Circular Cutter is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials. The Circular
  • Thickness Micrometers

    Thickness Micrometers

    The Thickness Micrometer is a manual Hydraulic controlled dial type. Lowering speed of the measuring spindle is hydraulically controlled in the Thickness Micrometer. The Thickness Micrometer has a hardened and lapped measuring face. The
  • Tensile Strength Tester

    Tensile Strength Tester

    Superior quality Tensile Strength Tester is available from us. The Tensile Strength Tester is used for determining the tensile strength and stretch at break of the paper, board, metal foil, textile and plastics. The Tensile Strength Tester is
  • Strip Cutter

    Strip Cutter

    The Strip Cutter or the Precision Sample Cutter is provided with an automatic clamping device which by means of clamping beam, holds the sheet material firmly prior to the cutting action. The Strip Cutter
  • Folding Endurance Tester

    Folding Endurance Tester

    The Folding Endurance Tester of superior quality is available from us. The Folding Endurance Tester is mainly used for loading clamps of dead weight type and spring type. The Folding Endurance Tester is provided with a standard loading capacity
  • Tearing Resistance Tester

    Tearing Resistance Tester

    The Tearing Resistance Tester is invariably used for testing the tear resistance of a paper. The Tearing Resistance Tester is also used for measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials.
  • Punch & Die Cutter

    Punch & Die Cutter

    The Punch & Die Cutter manufactured and supplied by our company supplied is intended for accurate and rapid preparation of test pieces for use in tensile strength tests, ring crush tests, folding endurance test, water absorbency test and
  • Bursting Strength Tester

    Bursting Strength Tester

    We manufacture and supply high quality Bursting Strength Tester. We offer two varieties in our Bursting Strength Tester. The Motorized Bursting Strength Tester we offer is suitable for Strong Paper, Solid Fibre, etc. We also offer high quality
  • Paper Electric Incinerator

    Paper Electric Incinerator

    We manufacture and supply high quality Paper Electric Incinerator. Our Electric Incinerator is ideal for determining the ash content in paper, cardboard and other cellulosic material, by burning an exactly
  • Gurley Densometer

    Gurley Densometer

    We offer extremely efficient Gurley Densometer. Our Gurley Densometer is suitable for measuring porosity, air permeability or air resistance of paper and paper products by determining the time necessary for a certain volume of air to flow
  • Surface Roughness Smoothness Tester

    Surface Roughness Smoothness Tester

    Surface roughness smoothness tester is an equipment that is used to measure the roughness and smoothness as per the condition of the printing press nip during printing. You will get to know the roughness and smoothness by clamping the sample

  • Fluff Tester

    Fluff Tester

    We manufacture and supply highly efficient Fluff Tester. Our Tester enables fluff to be measured easily after simulating the action of printing press using a dry blanket. Our Fluff Tester is based on the concept of PIRA. Our tester is capable
  • Taber Stiffness Tester

    Taber Stiffness Tester

    We offer Taber Stiffness Tester for evaluating stiffness and resilient qualities of paper, plastics, cardboard, light metallic sheets, foil and other flexible material having comparatively strong bending resistance. One end of the test piece
  • Cobb Sizing Tester

    Cobb Sizing Tester

    We manufacture and supply highly efficient Cobb Sizing Tester. Our product is suitable for determining the water absorbency of paper, paperboard and corrugated fiberboard. Our Cobb Sizing Tester conveniently measures the weight increase of a
  • Curl Tester

    Curl Tester

    The Curl Tester of our company is used to measure the Degree of curl when the paper sample exposed to water. Our product runs on the principle of wetting one side of the paper and determining the maximum curvature developed or the time
  • Internal Ply Bond Tester

    Internal Ply Bond Tester

    Our Internal Ply Bond Tester is designed for determining the internal bonding strength of paper, paperboard and laminates, by measuring the average energy, in thousands of foot pound required to delaminate the specimen in two piles. Our
  • Lab Crush Tester

    Lab Crush Tester

    Are you in search of a lab crush tester? Premier International, Uttar Pradesh, India has some amazing range of products for you. You can browse different products with different specifications and can choose the one that you need in your

  • Oil Penetration Tester

    Oil Penetration Tester

    We manufacture and supply high quality Oil Penetration Tester. It is suitable for determining the penetration time of oil and other liquids through paper and other similar materials. Our Oil Penetration Tester is provided with cooling system
  • Short Span Compression Tester

    Short Span Compression Tester

    The short span compression tester helps measure the compression strength of the routing and liner. The strength determines the ability of stacking of the corrugated boxes. If you aim to produce strong and quality boxes with minimum use of raw

  • Water Absorption Tester

    Water Absorption Tester

    We manufacture and supply Water Absorption Tester. Top class raw material is used to manufacture our product. Our Water Absorption Tester is ideal for measuring the degree of water absorption of paper i.e. the capillary rise in millimeters by

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