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Paper Testing Instruments

Avail the superior quality of Paper Testing Instruments from Premier International. The products are made using the superior quality raw materials. All the products find their invariable use in the packaging and paper industry.

  • Quadrant Scale
    The superior quality Quadrant Scale is available from us. The Quadrant Scale is used for measuring the basis weight GSM of paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small test sample. The Radius of the Quadrant Scale is 30 cm. The Quadrant Scale
  • Digital Grammage Scale
    Digital Grammage Scale of superior quality is available from us. The Digital Grammage Scale is used for measuring the basis weight GSM of paper and other sheet materials by weighing a small test sample with given dimensions. The GSM of the Digital
  • Circular Cutter
    Avail the superior quality Circular Cutter from us. The Circular Cutter is used for cutting out circular sample of paper, board and similar materials. The Circular Cutter is manufactured using the finest quality raw materials. The Circular Cutter
  • Thickness Micrometers
    The Thickness Micrometer is a manual Hydraulic controlled dial type. Lowering speed of the measuring spindle is hydraulically controlled in the Thickness Micrometer. The Thickness Micrometer has a hardened and lapped measuring face.
  • Tensile Strength Tester
    Superior quality Tensile Strength Tester is available from us. The Tensile Strength Tester is used for determining the tensile strength and stretch at break of the paper, board, metal foil, textile and plastics. The Tensile Strength Tester is used
  • Strip Cutter
    The Strip Cutter or the Precision Sample Cutter is provided with an automatic clamping device which by means of clamping beam, holds the sheet material firmly prior to the cutting action. The Strip Cutter is made of superior quality raw materials.
  • Folding Endurance Tester
    The Folding Endurance Tester of superior quality is available from us. The Folding Endurance Tester is mainly used for loading clamps of dead weight type and spring type. The Folding Endurance Tester is provided with a standard loading capacity
  • Tearing Resistance Tester
    The Tearing Resistance Tester is invariably used for testing the tear resistance of a paper. The Tearing Resistance Tester is also used for measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials.
  • Punch & Die Cutter
    The Punch & Die Cutter manufactured and supplied by our company supplied is intended for accurate and rapid preparation of test pieces for use in tensile strength tests, ring crush tests, folding endurance test, water absorbency test and other
  • Bursting Strength Tester
    We manufacture and supply high quality Bursting Strength Tester. We offer two varieties in our Bursting Strength Tester. The Motorized Bursting Strength Tester we offer is suitable for Strong Paper, Solid Fibre, etc. We also offer high quality
  • Paper Electric Incinerator
    We manufacture and supply high quality Paper Electric Incinerator. Our Electric Incinerator is ideal for determining the ash content in paper, cardboard and other cellulosic material, by burning an exactly weighed quantity. Our customers are hugely
  • Gurley Densometer
    We offer extremely efficient Gurley Densometer. Our Gurley Densometer is suitable for measuring porosity, air permeability or air resistance of paper and paper products by determining the time necessary for a certain volume of air to flow through
  • Surface Roughness Smoothness Tester
    We offer highly efficient Surface Roughness Smoothness Tester. Our product is made from very high quality product. Moreover, we employ the most sophisticated technology to manufacture our Surface Roughness Smoothness Tester. Our Surface Roughness
  • Fluff Tester
    We manufacture and supply highly efficient Fluff Tester. Our Tester enables fluff to be measured easily after simulating the action of printing press using a dry blanket. Our Fluff Tester is based on the concept of PIRA. Our tester is capable of
  • Taber Stiffness Tester
    We offer Taber Stiffness Tester for evaluating stiffness and resilient qualities of paper, plastics, cardboard, light metallic sheets, foil and other flexible material having comparatively strong bending resistance. One end of the test piece is
  • Cobb Sizing Tester
    We manufacture and supply highly efficient Cobb Sizing Tester. Our product is suitable for determining the water absorbency of paper, paperboard and corrugated fiberboard. Our Cobb Sizing Tester conveniently measures the weight increase of a sample,
  • Curl Tester
    The Curl Tester of our company is used to measure the Degree of curl when the paper sample exposed to water. Our product runs on the principle of wetting one side of the paper and determining the maximum curvature developed or the time required to
  • Internal Ply Bond Tester
    Our Internal Ply Bond Tester is designed for determining the internal bonding strength of paper, paperboard and laminates, by measuring the average energy, in thousands of foot pound required to delaminate the specimen in two piles. Our product has
  • Lab Crush Tester
    We manufacture and supply high performing Lab Crush Tester. We use the most top grade raw material to manufacture our products. Moreover, the most sophisticated technology is put into use to manufacture our Lab Crush Tester. Our Lab Crush Tester
  • Oil Penetration Tester
    We manufacture and supply high quality Oil Penetration Tester. It is suitable for determining the penetration time of oil and other liquids through paper and other similar materials. Our Oil Penetration Tester is provided with cooling system and
  • Short Span Compression Tester
    We offer Short Span Compression Tester. The compressive index of a material increases with sheet density in much the same way as the tensile index. Hence, fiber characteristics that contribute to density and flexural modulus of the sheet and the
  • Water Absorption Tester
    We manufacture and supply Water Absorption Tester. Top class raw material is used to manufacture our product. Our Water Absorption Tester is ideal for measuring the degree of water absorption of paper i.e. the capillary rise in millimeters by
  • Infrared Moisture Meter
    We manufacture and supply highly efficient Infrared Moisture Meter. This accurately designed instrument is used for determination of moisture content in materials which do not undergo chemical change when exposed to infra red radiation. Our Infrared
  • Rapid Sheet Dryer

    Type : Automatic

    Voltage : 220V/380V

    Condition : New

    After-sales Service Provided : Spare Parts

    Certificate : CE Certified

  • Brightness Tester
    We offer high quality Brightness Tester. We manufacture our Brightness Tester by using the most top quality raw material and by employing sophisticated technology. The Brightness Tester offered by us is known for its robust construction and superior

Pulp Testing Instruments

We bring forth to our clients superior quality Pulp Testing Instruments. these Pulp Testing Instruments come in a range that includes Laboratory Sheet Press. Pulp Testing Instruments provided by us are robustly constructed. Our Pulp Testing Instruments are highly efficient and are guaranteed for durability as we manufacture these Pulp Testing Instruments only with high grade raw materials.

  • Laboratory Sheet Press
    We offer an array of Laboratory Sheet Presses which comprise of Hydraulic Sheet Press and Pneumatic Sheet Press. We manufacture our Laboratory Sheet Presses with high grade raw material and are highly efficient. These Laboratory Sheet Presses have a
  • Beating & Freeness Tester
    We provide high quality Beating & Freeness Testers. These Beating & Freeness Testers are known for giving accurate readings and are easy to use. We manufacture our Beating & Freeness Testers as per the approved standards. Our Beating & Freeness
  • Canadian Freeness Tester
    Canadian Freeness Tester provided by us is used for determination of freeness of wood fiber ground wood and mechanical pulp. It measures the Canadian Freeness number which is a measurement of the drainage capacity of different pulp types. It is a
  • Pulp Colour Reversion Tester
    We offer high quality Pulp Colour Reversion Tester which is designed for rapidly determining the yellowing properties of different types of Pulp grade with thermostatic temperature controller. Our Pulp Colour Reversion Testers are tested under
  • Fiber Classifier
    We are involved with the manufacturing and supplying of best quality Fiber Classifiers. These Fiber Classifiers provided by us are made out of high grade raw materials to ensure high performance and long term usage. These Fiber Classifiers are
  • Fibre Fractionator
    We manufacture and supply high quality Fibre Fractionator. Our Fibre Fractionator is used for determining the shieve content in ground wood pulp. Fibre Fractionator is designed in accordance with second report of the Pulp Evaluation Committee as per
  • Flotation Cell
    We offer exclusive Flotation Cells which are meant to study the dinking effect of printed recycled paper by floatation method in laboratory. Stainless steel container capacity 25-liter specially designed aerator with variable speed and digital
  • Hand Sheet Former
    We are instrumental in providing our esteemed clients with Hand Sheet Formers. Our Hand Sheet Formers are robustly constructed with the use of latest technology. Our Hand Sheet Formers are well tested under strict industry norms by the team of
  • Hollander Beater
    We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Hollander Beater. These Hollander Beaters are high on performance and are durable in nature. Our Hollander Beater is highly efficient due to the incorporation of high grade raw material in the production
  • Lab Disc Refiner
    We present to our clients high quality Lab Disc Refiner suitable for wet grinding and defibrating chips or experimental pulp making. This Lab Disc Refiner is utilized for developing pulping processes and strength development studies on raw steamed
  • Lab Hydrapulper
    Our exclusive Lab Hydrapulper is supplied with standard Electric motor, propeller V belt drive to circulate the stock effectively. These Lab Hydrapulpers are made with high grade components and are highly efficient. Our Lab Hydrapulper is meant for
  • Lab Mechanical Crusher
    We bring forth high quality Lab Mechanical Crushers that are used for preparation of wood meal of wood samples for chemical analysis and grinding virtually any material to produce a finely meshed sample. Our Lab Mechanical Crushers are manufactured
  • Lab Valley Beater
    We are involved in providing Lab Valley Beater which is made completely of stainless steel material and allows the beating of 360 g of pulp. These Lab Valley Beaters are made of chromium steel with wooden spacers between them and set securely in
  • Pulp Disintegrator
    We manufacture and supply Pulp Disintegrator that facilitates standardized disintegration of pulp to a homogeneous suspension. This Pulp Disintegrator has Pivoted drive unit with stainless steel propeller and shaft. The propeller is driven by
  • Laboratory Pulping Unit
    Our special Laboratory Pulping Units are used for laboratory production of chemical pulp. These Laboratory Pulping Units are provided with six autoclaves, pressure tested, each of 2.5 dm3 rotate in heated poly glycol bath heating elements. These
  • Rotary Digester

    Type : Automatic

    Certification : CE Certified

    Warranty : 1 Year

    Digester Volume : 20 Liters

    Max Pressure : 20Kg/cm2

  • Sheet Drying Cabinet
    We are the reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of quality Sheet Drying Cabinet. Our Sheet Drying Cabinet facilitates faster drying and conditioning. The Design is accordance as per the Technical Section of British Paper & Board Industry. These Sheet
  • Sheet Drying Cylinder
    Our best quality Sheet Drying Cylinders are suitable for drying the lab pulp hand sheets or paper samples (up to 56 sheets). This Sheet Drying Cylinder is robustly constructed and comprise of best quality components for better performance and
  • Wood Chip Classifier
    Premier International is among the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of Wood Chip Classifier. The Wood Chip Classifier offered by us is used for rapid and reproducible analysis of chips. It is recommended dry content of the wood 40 to 70%.
  • Wood Chipper
    The range of Pulp Colour Reversion Tester offered by us also includes Wood Chipper. Widely used for preparation of chips from wood, for lab and educational purposes. Capacity max 500 kg/h chips. Chipping disc 350 mm diameters, speed 700 rpm. Input
  • Consistency Determination Apparatus
    Our Consistency Determination Apparatus is ideal for quick determination of pulp/ stock consistency. The measured stock is poured on to the grid plate of the equipment and drained under suction. The filtration is repeated until the filtrate becomes

Packaging Testing Instruments

We are one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of Packaging Testing Instruments. The wide range of Packaging Testing Instruments offered by us includes Abrasion Tester, Automatic Drop Tester, Electronic Box, Compression Tester, Incline Impact Tester, Paper Core Compression Strength Tester, Puncture Resistance Tester, Scuff Tester and Concora Medium Fluter. Manufactured using high grade material the Packaging Testing Instruments offered by us have been widely appreciated by the customers for their superior quality and durability.

Surface Coating Instruments

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Surface Coating Instruments. The Surface Coating Instruments offered by us is available in wide variety which includes Air Knife Coater, Bar Coater, Laboratory Calender and Paper Testing Waxes. All the products offered by us are manufactured using high grade material and latest technology. The Surface Coating Instruments offered by us have got wide appreciation in the market for their superior quality and durability. Moreover, we offer the Surface Coating Instruments at affordable prices in the market.

  • Air Knife Coater
    The range of Surface Coating Instruments offered by us includes Air Knife Coater. The Air Knife Coater manufactured by us is used for coating the sample sheet materials in 10â X 12â size. The air-knife design of the coater guarantees uniform
  • Hand Bar Coater
    Our clients can avail from us superior quality Bar Coater. The Bar Coater offered by us is designed for the application of the paints, varnishes, adhesives, liquid printing inks and many other surface coating which require sampling under accurately
  • Laboratory Calender
    We are among the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of Laboratory Calender. The Laboratory Calender offered by us is used for performing calender experiments and trials in the laboratory environment. It is provided with three roller stacks with a
  • Paper Testing Waxes

    Purity : 100%

    Use for : Paper Testing

    Grade : Superior

    Shelf Life : 1 Year

    Moisture : 5%

Environmental Testing Instruments

Premier International excels in offering the advanced quality Environmental Testing Instruments. The Environmental Testing Instruments are fabricated using high-grade components & parts and technically advanced machinery. The Environmental Testing Instruments pass all the quality control tests under the strict supervision of the QC officer. The Environmental Testing Instruments are delivered in superior quality packing to ensure their safe delivery to the clients. The Environmental Testing Instruments are available at the most reasonable rates in the market. The variety offered by us includes Laboratory Oven, Muffle Furnace, Environmental Chamber, BOD Incubator and pH Meter.

  • Laboratory Oven
    Laboratory Oven of optimum quality is available from us. The temperature of the oven range from room temperature to 250 C and thermostat accuracy within ± 10 C. The Laboratory Oven comes with Digital temperature and an indicator controller. The
  • Muffle Furnace
    Muffle Furnace offered by us are highly popular among the domestic and international clients. The Muffle Furnace is used for incineration of solids. The temperature is controlled by energy regulator. The Muffle Furnace comes complete with Pyrometer
  • Environmental Chamber
    Environmental Chamber is fabricated using high-grade components& parts along with technically advanced machinery. The Environmental Chamber is complete with sealed unit and contact thermometer with digital temperature indicator. The Environmental
  • BOD Incubator
    BOD Incubator of optimum quality is available from us. The BOD Incubator is used for incubating BOD samples of effluent and others. The BOD Incubator is double walled, heavily insulated, automatic control, double door construction. The BOD Incubator
  • pH Meter
    pH Meter of optimum quality is available from us. The pH Meter is used for measuring pH value of the pulp solution or other similar material. The pH Meter is fabricated using the high-grade components & parts and technically advanced machinery. The

Other Products

  • Chainmail Products
    Premier International is one the widely acknowledged Manufacturers and Suppliers of Chainmail Products. Having unparalleled aesthetics and long functioning life, our Chainmail Products have been widely demanded by the clients. We manufacture
  • Wooden Handicrafts
    Premier International is one of the renowned Manufacturers & Suppliers Wooden Handicrafts. We manufacture exclusive, yet highly exquisite Wooden Handicrafts that can turn up dull ambience and make it vivid. Our nimble artisans carve a variety of