How Importance Is Automatic Drop Tester For You Manufacturing Unit?

Posted by Admin on July, 17, 2020

Drop testing, along with impact testing, is essential to assess the fragility of a packaged product. It also stimulates the shocks packaging or palletized product may encounter during manual or mechanical handling. The product is subjected to continuous impacts similar to they will experience in the distribution environment or from an end-user.

Why do drop testing is required?

• To help in design validation

• To evaluate the design by measuring and defining the impact tolerant of the products

• To replicate the rigors that might happen during distribution, installation or while in use at the hand of user

• To identify any modes of failure and or quantify failure levels

• To evaluate the competence of the packaging

• To protect the product by understanding the capability of the cushioning materials used

Drop and impact testing allows you to:

• Stimulate real-world impacts on the finished components or products.

• Assemble detailed technical information about how products perform under impact.

• Benchmark products by all leading Automatic Drop Tester Suppliers India, let the manufacturers quickly ascertain whether a new product meets its specification or the requirements of international standards

Why is drop testing necessary?

Drop testing is used to evaluate the fragility of products by subjecting them to consistent impacts similar to that they will experience with an end-user. Drop testers are designed by the drop testing machine suppliers to drop test products up to 1kg in weight from a height in varying orientations. This process helps to ensure that the testing you conduct provides robust data to gauge product weakness.

Suitability of drop testing
Drop testing is generally performed on small (<1kg) products that are either used in hand or mobile situations. Any piece of equipment that can be dropped should be drop tested during development to ensure you’re not up for surprises. A list of typical products one can check includes:

• Cellphones, mobile phones, smartphones
• Tablets
• Two-way radios, portable radios
• GPS units, both handheld and vehicle-mounted
• Remote controls
• Transmitters & receivers
• Mobile EFTPOS units
• Flash drives, hard drives and pen drives
• Medical devices
• Test equipment including handheld meters
• Tools, analysis equipment and more.

Features of automatic drop tester
The drop tester is automatic. Hence, all you need is do set the settings according to your requirements and start loading your product. It is easy to install and operate, as well. No specialised training is required to work it properly.
The Automatic Drop Test Machine comes in various designs from single, double, digital, large, and others. These are also highly durable. Manual operator drop testing machine is also available with the drop tester suppliers in India.

Where to buy automatic drop test machines?
Various leading Drop Tester Suppliers provide the complete range of automatic drop testing machines in India. Their devices meet international quality standards and meet the expectations of smooth functioning. They offer drop testers at reasonable pricing. All you have to do is contact them online and mention the specification needed. They possess the following features:
• Quality products
• On-time delivery
• Reasonable pricing
• Large stock to meet bulk demands
• Ample market distribution

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